About Us

Our Mission Is

To provide you with the right tools for baking and creating edible artworks,

To make it easy for you to create aesthetically beautiful cakes and desserts with the convenience of your own home, and

To allow you the opportunity to personalize your desserts for every occasion 


Our Story

 Living in a place that does not provide a wide variety of baking material. my sister, a self-taught and talented baker and cake artist had a hard time meeting the demands of her customers. 

Being by her side and witnessing these challenges made me want to do something about that. Sometimes she had to go so far as to create her own tools to make the designs and decorations people would ask for. Luckily, my sister is artistically gifted and would come up with the most creative solutions; but something that should take an x amount of time would take her double or triple the amount of time and effort. This time could be saved with the right tools and could have been used to grow her business and improve her talents.

I felt it necessary for baking products and materials to be available for people like my sister and for anyone who just enjoys the art of baking and wants to make a piece of edible art anywhere and at any level of expertise. Baking Material is dedicated to every baker, sweet-tooth, pastry-lover, foodie, and artist out there!

You Are The Focus

We would appreciate every comment, critique, or suggestion given to us and would love to hear what you guys think about the shop/website, material, experience, etc. Your feedback is important to us and would be taken into consideration as we aim to provide you with the best experience possible!